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Ed Tech 501: Bumper Sticker & Final Reflection

My bumper-sticker reflects my transformation in this course.  When I started Ed Tech 501, I was a total novice!  I knew virtually nothing about technology and even less about it’s applications in the world of education.  There was a lot … Continue reading

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School Evaluation Summary

Technology Maturity Benchmarks The Technology Maturity Benchmarks are based on criteria identified in the Technology Maturity Model and the Stages of Technology. The purpose of this benchmark is to link the technology resources to their use in every learning environment. … Continue reading

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Digital Inequality, Digital Divide

Comparison of Digital Divide to Digital Inequality If you are having trouble with audio above, try downloading the PPT: Digital Inequality, Digital Divide Group project Reflection “Digital Divide.” A term based mostly upon infrastructure; how many computers schools has and … Continue reading

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Technology Use Planning

EdTech 501: TECHNOLOGY USE PLANNING OVERVIEW Review and comment on the article “Developing Effective Technology Plans” and the National Education Technology Plan 2010. Start with defining technology use planning–how would you describe it? Technology use planning is the development of a … Continue reading

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