EdTech 537: Creating a Theme and Links

Now is the time to focus on links!!

My Theme is Algebra!!   I chose to provide a simple list of my favorite Algebra resources.  Every time I am looking for resources or ideas I always wish I had everything in a central location.  Although this may not be exactly what the assignment calls for – I know that I will be glad I have put everything in one location!

Here are some of my favorite links:

Algebra Resources:

Algebra Nation:  A site dedicated to helping teachers and students succeed on the Algebra 1 End-of-Course exam (EOC).

Algebra-Class.com:  A website with some simple algebra lessons for typical Algebra 1 class. Each lesson has a brief introduction followed by several examples with detailed explanations, and then a few practice problems.

Ask Dr. Math, http://mathforum.org/dr.math/.  A perfect site to research specific math questions.

Common Core State Standards Initiative:  Forty-four states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) have adopted the Common Core State Standards.  This site provides critical and specific information for any teacher who wants to make sure their lessons are in line with the current standards.  Detailed information relating to Algebra 1 standards are provided.

Cut the Knot:  This site contains Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles

Edheads:  uses simple animations to help students understand science and math concepts

Edmodo:  social networking site for teachers and students

Explore Learning:  Interactive online simulator for Algebra.

Franklin Institute:  Creates instant and interactive graphs.

Geometers Sketchpad:  Site that allows students to interactively manipulate graphs of polynomials.

Interactive Games and Puzzles for Algebra 2:  Interactive games and puzzles for topics covered in Algebra 2.

Interactive Math:  An extensive list of algebra lessons from Interactive Mathematics. Each section has an interactive quiz.

IXL:  Interactive practice for algebraic concepts.

Khan Academy:  Instructional and supplemental videos for all topics related to Algebra.

Math.com:  Provides students with extra help, hints, and tutoring for Algebra.

Math Forum:  Resources for teachers and students for all mathematical topics.

Math is Fun:  A resource to clarify fundamental polynomial facts

NCTM:  National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards.

Phet:  Interactive simulator for math and science.

Purple Math:  This site provides Algebra 1 lessons that emphasize the practicalities of understanding the questions and intelligently and simply arriving at the answers.

Regents Prep:  Site that provides summary notes and examples for all Algebra concepts.

Softmath:  Site that helps students solve any algebraic equation.

S.O.S. Math:  The site provides multiple resources and practice problems (with detailed solutions) for Algebra 1.  Some of the key topics covered are:  order of operations and all forms of linear and quadratic equations.

Sketchup:  Resource for students having difficulty visualizing real applications of Quadratics.

Texas Instruments:  A teacher’s collection of lessons and activities utilizing the Texas Instrument’s graphing calculator (all models) specifically designed for an Algebra 1 course.

WinSite!:  Presents an amazing array of software, games, and utilities related to mathematics.

XtraMath:  A free web program for students, teachers and parents to support Algebra.


About kimberlyhefty

Hello. My name is Kimberly Hefty and I live in Sammamish, Washington. For the past 23 years I have taught high school and college level mathematics. 13 years ago I started a private tutoring business. I specialize in working with public high school students who are taking math courses "on-line". I work closely with both the students and the local school district. I typically work with 40-50 students per week. I also have 2 children ages 14 and 23. My daughter just graduated from Elon University in North Carolina. My son plays competitive golf and premiere soccer so most of my weekends are spent at either soccer or golf tournaments. I am excited to be completing the Master's In Educational Technology Program from BSU (M.E.T.) Spring 2015! Through this program I have gained a better understanding of educational technology and it’s applications. I believe that the knowledge that I have gained will be beneficial personally, as well as to my students. With these skills that I have learned in the Educational Technology program, I hope to help myself and my students be successful in future endeavors. The M.E.T. program has allowed me to create an environment for all of us, my students along with myself, to gain skills for education, employment, and existence.
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One Response to EdTech 537: Creating a Theme and Links

  1. Kim, I like the fact that you annotated each link. It is a good habit to get into when it comes to both links and list entries.

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