EdTech 537: Audio Recordings

Check out the BBC’s collection of audio recordings of their Top 5 Numbers!

My favorite is the Pi Song:


The YouTube video is even better: Pi

Or for some really “interesting” music check out:


A1. Fire & Ice
A2. From Space 3 Suns
B1. Warm Words Don’t Help As Much As A Helping Hand
B2. What’s On Ur Mind?

These are actually from



About kimberlyhefty

Hello. My name is Kimberly Hefty and I live in Sammamish, Washington. For the past 23 years I have taught high school and college level mathematics. 13 years ago I started a private tutoring business. I specialize in working with public high school students who are taking math courses "on-line". I work closely with both the students and the local school district. I typically work with 40-50 students per week. I also have 2 children ages 14 and 23. My daughter just graduated from Elon University in North Carolina. My son plays competitive golf and premiere soccer so most of my weekends are spent at either soccer or golf tournaments. I am excited to be completing the Master's In Educational Technology Program from BSU (M.E.T.) Spring 2015! Through this program I have gained a better understanding of educational technology and it’s applications. I believe that the knowledge that I have gained will be beneficial personally, as well as to my students. With these skills that I have learned in the Educational Technology program, I hope to help myself and my students be successful in future endeavors. The M.E.T. program has allowed me to create an environment for all of us, my students along with myself, to gain skills for education, employment, and existence.
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2 Responses to EdTech 537: Audio Recordings

  1. Hi Kim: I love the parody! I think its great when people are passionate about what they like and get creative.

  2. Thanks Bryan, I tried to have some fun with this post and keep it “math” themed.

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