EdTech 543: Module 2 Blog Post Katie Sisson

Please check out Katie Sisson’s Module 2 Creative Expression below.  You can see my comments here.  Excellent work!


Katie, Excellent work with you Prezi presentation.   You have really linked connectivism, CoPs, and PLNs in a creative way!  You imagery of many of the social network sites and products available is fantastic.  I love how you have created a “web” general appearance.  I thought the links that started with .. “All of these things plus .. Communication, Communities, Networks, and Common Interests” really brought home how everything is connected and relates to itself.  I also appreciated how all the connections are Not linear.
I also completely agree with your statement, ” …knowledge can be gained from anyone and at any place.  It is the learners duty to find a community with a common interest/goal and reach out to those in order to learn new ideas, skills and understanding.”  I think we, as teachers, should help our students find the appropriate places for our students to find others with common interests.  A great place to start would be creating learning networks for each of our classes.
Great work Katie!

Module 2 Blog Post.


About kimberlyhefty

Hello. My name is Kimberly Hefty and I live in Sammamish, Washington. For the past 23 years I have taught high school and college level mathematics. 13 years ago I started a private tutoring business. I specialize in working with public high school students who are taking math courses "on-line". I work closely with both the students and the local school district. I typically work with 40-50 students per week. I also have 2 children ages 14 and 23. My daughter just graduated from Elon University in North Carolina. My son plays competitive golf and premiere soccer so most of my weekends are spent at either soccer or golf tournaments. I am excited to be completing the Master's In Educational Technology Program from BSU (M.E.T.) Spring 2015! Through this program I have gained a better understanding of educational technology and it’s applications. I believe that the knowledge that I have gained will be beneficial personally, as well as to my students. With these skills that I have learned in the Educational Technology program, I hope to help myself and my students be successful in future endeavors. The M.E.T. program has allowed me to create an environment for all of us, my students along with myself, to gain skills for education, employment, and existence.
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