EdTech 537: Guest Blog

A guest blog entry could take the form of any kind of blog entry. So it could be a links entry or discussion question entry or a commentary entry or a list entry or anything really. The key is that it is written by someone other than the blog owner – ideally someone the blog owner solicited because they valued their perspective and wanted to share it with their readers.

Re: Is Algebra Necessary

twitter:  @kyleeannh 

Is Algebra necessary? I have to admit that I’m a little sickened by my own response to this question. If you had posed this same query to age-sixteen-Kylee I would have replied with an adamant “NO.” Since then, my attitude toward algebra hasn’t changed much, except that I have now given up my battle against it and accepted its permanence in my life.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m not what you’d call a “math person.” I scraped by Algebra and the other mandatory math-related subjects in school. I waded through these classes like a horse in mud. Admittedly, I struggled more out of disdain for the subject than actual difficulty. 

Then, when I became a second-semester college freshman, I finally became “free” of Algebra and all its mathematical-subject-siblings. “The end of my career in math” is what my English professors told me (ok they didn’t expressly say this. still.)

Turns out, this freedom thing was not the case. At all.

I spent 90% of my time in college math-free. I majored in Professional Writing & Rhetoric. It was this subject that led me to pursue internships and professional training in Public Relations. Public Relations falls under the corporate category of Marketing. Finally, through connections I gained during this training, I began my career as a Marketing Administrator for a new homebuilder.

Somehow, though I still practice many of the skills I focused most heavily on in college, I also find myself in a sea of math-related (primarily algebraic) tasks. Each day I work with spreadsheets, budget, measure traffic patterns, and calculate missing parts within grand totals.

Algebra found its way into my life, and, though I can’t say I enjoyed learning the subject back-in-the-day, I’m grateful that I did. If my high-school-self had been given the option, I would have given up math all-together and floated through life on big dreams of living in a numberless land of fluffy writing. This land is not real…anywhere (I’ve looked.)

If Algebra had not been a required subject I would be unable to do the job that I love. 

Perhaps, some people grow up to lead Algebra-free lives.

However, I’d venture to argue that for many, escaping Algebra is nearly impossible.


You posed the question: “is there really a value to what I do (besides paying the bills)?”

My answer to your question is with a new question entirely:

How many careers do not (in some way) involve managing finances or “paying the bills”?

Kylee pic

Kylee Hefty
Marketing Administrator at M/I Homes of Raleigh
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area | Public Relations and Communications

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