EdTech 543: Final Reflection


Final Reflection

As I began to reflect upon my experiences with social media and this class I started by looking back to where I started:  my first blog entry for this class.  When I started this class I had little to virtually no experience with social media ~ except for a little for personal use with Facebook and Twitter.  My goal for this course was to incorporate more social media in my interactions with both students and parents.  I am very happy to say that I definitely accomplished my goals and so much more!

The first week was rather easy for me since I already had Twitter and Diigo accounts and I had a personal Facebook account.  At first I was hesitant to use Facebook professionally, especially with students.  Facebook was such a critical component for this course and I really learned the benefits of using it professionally.  Throughout the course I was able to see how a class account could be very beneficial.

I previously had experience with Diigo, so that unit was quite comfortable for me.  I must admit that I did not utilize this very much throughout this semester, primarily because I was comfortable with it and wanted to focus on areas I was not as familiar with.

One of my favorite activities this semester was A Creative Expression of Your Understanding of Communities of Practice, Connectivism, Personal Learning Networks.

I am not typically known for my creativity and felt that I really went above and beyond in this representation.  I believe that I really showed how Fibonacci, CoPs, Connectivism, and PLNs all related to each other and what they mean.

Twitter for Professional Development in MODULE 3 was a great assignment.  We had to set up and follow twitter chats with hashtags.  I had never heard of a Tweetdeck and found that really helpful both personally and professionally.  My favorite part was #HeftyMath  This is an “original” hashtag that I created with my students.  Actually, it was their idea!  Throughout the semester I was able to tweet out important information to them on a regular basis and they know, by the hashtag, that the information is intended for them.  This is definitely something I will continue to use.

One of the more “eye opening” lessons for me was creating, A Plan for Developing Your Positive Digital Footprint and Managing Your Online Reputation.  Honestly I had not previously given this much thought.  I am so glad that I developed a plan for myself moving forward.  I believe this will be important both personally and professionally and will give me the skills to separate the two.  Here is my plan:

 Curation was an interesting topic.  My PLN (Personal Learning Network) began our group collaboration by deciding we would use Googe Docs (Google Drive).  Everyone was immediately involved and engaged in the process.  We efficiently and effectively communicated via email, Twitter, and directly on the Google Doc.  I think my PLN worked well on developing criteria for effective curation and that everyone contributed equally.

I used this criteria to curate material relevant to Common Core Standards.  I used Scoopit, here is my curation, “Common Core: Pick a Side”.  I really enjoyed this process and have found myself repeatedly using this approach.  Here is my reflection.

Real time and live virtual professional development Twitter chats were a lot more simple than I had anticipated.  I absolutely loved the Twitter chats!  They were fast paced and a lot of fun.  I learned so much from these and will definitely continue to participate in them in the future.  The live webinars were another story!  I loved the Classroom 2.0 Live webinar.  It really felt like a professional development seminar.  It was interactive and inviting.  Unfortunately the other ones I participated in felt like “infomercials.”  I felt like I was being sold something (and I was)!

Another one of my favorite things we did this semester was my PLE, personal learning expression.  I really wanted this representation to be very personal and creative.  It really was my “aha” moment for the connections I have made in this class.  I am the center and the petals are the various sites I use.  I tend to use more sites to gather information and share information.  Some of the sites I use I am sure will “fall off” but many of my core connections are still strong.

Researching social networked case studies was not my favorite assignment.  I had a hard time finding what I was looking for.  I used ScoopIt again and found myself becoming more comfortable with that resource.

I enjoyed creating social media policies for my business.  I asked for input from both my students and their parents.  I believe that  I will be able to use these again in the future.  I was also able to incorporate these immediately into my PLN’s final group project, with modification.

My PLN developed a social networked mini curriculum unit, Are Colleges Still Affordable?  An Algebra Lesson of Mathematical Models.  This was an elaborate project and I feel that we needed much more than 2 weeks to complete.  The group process worked well and we came up with a great product.  I am proud of the work we did.

Finally we had to create a peer review of another group’s unit.  I cannot believe how much difficulty I had with the audio aspect of this assignment.  I think the group, Shakespearean Twists did an amazing job and it was so interesting evaluating something outside of my “area.”

Overall, I would have to give myself full points, 75/75 for my blog for this class.  I feel that I regularly went above and beyond the expectations for the individual assignments, blogging, and Tweeting.  This was a great class and I definitely learned a lot.



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