EdTech 543: Peer Feedback for Social Networked Mini-Unit

Shake twist

Peer Feedback – Social Networked Mini Curriculum Unit

At times you may want to provide more personalized feedback in the form of a screencast to a student. This increases the social networking level of the teaching-learning process. Also creating a screencast will insure that the feedback is rich and that thorough critiques are provided. There are a number of Web-based tools that can be used to do this (see below).  In this exercise the feedback you provide for one of the other group’s or classmate’s Social Networked Mini Curriculum unit will be in a format that utilizes a Web-based tool to make a screencast. In other words, you are going to screencast a tour of another classmate’s/group’s unit making verbal comments to address the required elements for the Social Networked Mini Curriculum unit. However, you need to be conscious of FERPA regulations and student privacy. It is also important to review privacy settings for the tool you use and choose appropriate publishing options to make sure that only instructors and students in this class have access. (by Dr. Lisa Dawley)

Module 7, the last module, asked for classmates to submit a link to their Social Networked Mini Curriculum unit projects.  Please select a Social Networked Mini Curriculum unit to review in that forum.  The project I chose to review was Shakespearean Twists!

This was an excellent project!  Here is my screencast review of the project.  I used educreations to make my review. It was a lot of hard work and I made a lot of mistakes with the audio.  It took me almost 20 attempts to get a product I could live with.  If I had the money I would recommend upgrading to the premium version.




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