EdTech 543: PLN Image

Locate an image (e.g, via public domain images or Creative Commons) that symbolizes your idea of PLNs.  Upload this image to our class Facebook Page and explain what it means to you.


This is a photo I took last December in front of the Seattle Space Needle.  It is a 35′ tree composed of several dozen illuminated spheres in the center of the Howard S. Wright Memorial Fountain.  It immediately made me think of my PLN and math.

Since I am a math teacher, I try always to relate everything back to math.  The spheres that make up this tree represent unique mathematical concepts.  These concepts in math are connected to each other and build upon each other in a multitude of ways as do the spheres of the tree through the physical branches or connectors.  The pyramid shape of the tree also serves as another strong analogy to math learning as each level rests upon and relies on the strong base of the level below it.

Within each sphere is a perfect individual in a PLN with the learner at the “core”; but the different spheres need to also connect with other learners.  Collectively, the spheres reach great heights and the learners can attain great knowledge.



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