EdTech543: Real Time and Live Virtual Professional Development Twitter Chats

twitter chat


Twitter Chats

A Twitter tweet chat is a pre-arranged chat that happens on Twitter through the use of Twitter updates (called tweets) that include a predefined hashtag to link those tweets together in a virtual conversation.

Formal Twitter tweet chats are arranged in advance and occur at a specific time. They may include a formal agenda with a specific leader or “speaker”, or they might involve a free flowing discussion between all participants. Source: About.com

Twitter Chat 1: 9/27/14:   #satchatwc

For my first ever live Twitter Chat I chose to participate in the #satchatwc.  The facilitator was Grant Lichtman @GrantLichtman.  He is an educator and author of #EdJourney.  The topic was “Key Lessons from 64 schools/districts around the US; Successful Innovation”.  Everyone starts by logging in around the same time and introducing themselves.  Then Grant posts a question to get the conversation started:

Then the chaos and fun begins!  Everyone starts posting responses to the question and responses to each other.  I cannot believe how fast it goes!  Here were some of our questions and some of my responses:


At the end we were encourage to post our own question to the group:

Here are some of my screen shots:





Overall this was a great first experience!!  I saw a lot of creative and innovative ideas shared between a wide variety of educators.  I saw people really push themselves to contribute in meaningful ways.  I have a lot better idea how I want to participate next time.  I hope others will join me next time.  #satchat at 7:30 EST or #satchatwc at 7:30 PST

Twitter Chat 2:  #GuildChat

Sometimes we learn the most from our mistakes.  This chat was definitely not for me … I just didn’t realize it until about 10 minutes into the actual chat itself.  The chat is put on by the eLearning Guild who I follow.  Since I work exclusively with students taking online courses I thought it would be great.  The topic was “Tracking and Measuring Learning and Performance”.  There was a lot of talk about data analytics and revolutionizing eLearning through metrics that went over my head but I tried to hang in there. I definitely learned to do better research before joining another unfamiliar Twitter Chat!

Twitter Chat 3: 10/04/14:   #satchatwc

Back to my comfort zone!  I love the Saturday chats (West Coast)!  Although they are very fast paced I definitely understand what is going on.  The topic today was, “6 Traits of Innovation” w/ guest host @DonWettrick with Shelley Burgess as the moderator.  I was really excited that a fellow EdTechSN student, Amanda Hatherly joined me!  The topic was great … Innovation!  I loved hearing about other educators ideas about what is truly innovative!  It isn’t just technology or the newest fad … innovation is being adaptable and finding what works for your students!  It really is thinking inside and outside of the box.

I love that Shelley Burgess compiles the entire chat on Storify:  https://storify.com/burgess_shelley/satchatwc-10-4-14.  You can see every Tweet, response, and image!


Twitter Chat 4: 10/05/14:   #IAedchat

I wasn’t planning on doing a chat but then I saw the Tweet from Dave Mulder @d_mulder and couldn’t resist.  What could teachers and educators from Iowa be talking about?  The answer:  the same things we are!  Check out Iowa Transformed.


The topic tonight was “Learning That Sticks” moderated by Jimmy Casas.  I loved the questions and responses posed!

Q1) Share examples of what you do in the first 5 minutes of class to get students focused and ready to learn

Q2) Give examples of how classroom environment plays a significant role in impacting student learning.

Q3) What methods do you employ to keep students in a state of active student engagement rather than strategic compliance?

Q4) What are the most effective teaching practices that we can implement to ensure learning lasts?

Q5) How can ongoing assessment lead to increased learning that sticks?

Q6) What barriers prevent us from moving beyond letter grades? How can we address them?

Q7)  Share an example of a closing strategy that will help students internalize & help the students learn the objective of the lesson.

 I absolutely loved these questions and all of the responses.  This was one of the most interactive Tweet Chats that I participated in.  Everyone really challenged and questioned each other to expand on their answers.  I particularly liked the responses to what educators do in the first five minutes.  I gained a lot of new ideas and insights.

Overall I really enjoyed all of these chats.  It really made me feel connected to other educators from all over the world.  I was surprised by how much everyone had in common … we all want our students to be successful, however that is defined!


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