EdTech 543 MODULE 4 Assignment: Curation Criteria to Assess Effective Curation

A framework approaching Curation as a core Digital and Media Literacy Competence (Mihailidis, 2013)

framework curation


My PLN (Personal Learning Network) consists of myself, Katie Sisson, and Lisa Nebeker.  We began our group collaboration by deciding we would use Googe Docs (Google Drive).  I began our document by simply posting the assignment requirements.  Katie quickly suggested that we each contribute at least 5 criteria and references.  Everyone was immediately involved and engaged in the process.  We efficiently and effectively communicated via email, Twitter, and directly on the Google Doc.  After everyone shared their initial ideas a new document was created to consolidate all similar ideas and concepts into a single list of referenced criteria.  This also allowed us to save our rough draft for later reference.  Lisa led us to the idea of a great table that could include criteria, the ability to check off yes/no and Katie added the concept of adding comments.   Katie and I collaborated to work on the overall appearance.  Our entire group as a whole worked on the final formatting and editing with proper APA formatting. The most difficult part seemed to be whether or not to include citations next to each separate criteria. I posted a link to our final product on the EdTechSN Facebook page and sent out a group Tweet.  I think my PLN worked well on this task and that everyone contributed equally.

Curation isn’t magic. It requires planning and maintenance. Curation sits atop the same pillars that support any content effort: goals, audience and message. Without these in place to guide you, you’re grasping at straws—or links, as it were. – Georgy Cohen

Our Final Product:

Here is our Rough Draft



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