EdTech 505: Initial Project Description

Kim Hefty

EdTech 505

Week 2 Assignment


  1. Project Description:

Private tutors exist in nearly every level of education. Tutors have very little control, if any, of their student’s evaluations, yet are expected to improve a student’s academic performance. A student’s classroom teacher decides the student’s evaluations.  How can a tutor improve their student’s performance?   Can technology assist with this process?

The purpose of this project is to evaluate the usage of study guides given to high school juniors taking an online algebra 2 course prior to their units. The goal is to improve student performance on online assignments and exams.


Determine which topics the students would benefit from an organized study guide.

Conduct a pre-test and post-test using the first two assignments in Unit 1.

Survey students about what they believe would have helped them in the past and what can be done to help them in the future.

The expected outcome would be improved academic achievement in the form of better grades.


  1. I want to see if I can improve the performance of students who have previously taken an online course under my supervision. I want to figure out how I can be more efficient and effective with the students I work with. Students who take online courses in high school typically do so because they are dissatisfied with the traditional option. I am trying to see how much of an impact that I can have if I provide them with a study guide.
  2. I subscribe to the definition of evaluation that we collect and analyze data to help us make decisions. My goal, as a tutor, is to help students improve their academic grades and to help them feel more confident with mathematics. Since I do not and cannot control the actual evaluations that determine the student’s success, i.e. grades, how can I help students improve their performance and confidence?

Through this project and process I would like to see if the addition of a study guide will help the students overall. I will need to collect and analyze data to help me decide the most effective practices that will impact students.






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