EdTech 521: Build-a-Beast Active Listening Exercise

fter reviewing sites about active listening, you’re going to experiment with a listening activity by sharing an audio file with a partner. Follow these steps for the activity:

  1. Choose a partner through the Pick a Partner tool in Week 1
  2. Visit Build-a-Beast and build a monster. There is no need to register at this site.
  3. Save your monster so you have a copy of it.
  4. Use an audio recording device to describe how your monster looks. You must do this in 2 minutes or less! In your description you cannot give any details as to the steps you took in creating the monster (e.g. go to the third body type, choose the second eye option, etc.). Your audio needs to be descriptive on its appearance only and cannot give clues on the steps you took to create it. Save your audio as an MP3 file. There are a variety of free tools for this if you don’t already have this capability on your computer. Audacity is probably the most well known, is cross platform compatible, and is quite easy to work with.
  5. Create ONE new discussion topic for your group. Each of you will attach your recorded description to a post in the Monster Discussion Board. DO NOT attach your monster avatar yet.
  6. Locate your partner’s recording, listen to it and try to recreate their monster using the Build-a-Beast site.
  7. Exchange both your monster and the monster you created using the description provided by your partner and see how closely you were able to come to recreating your partner’s monster.
  8. Discuss your descriptive and listening skills.

The why behind the what: Why did we do this? In the online classroom, it is essential to be clear in your directions to your students. Do they hear what you are saying? Is your intent really getting across? Are you able to say what you want concisely? fFr those wanting to do something similar in the classroom: This could easily be adapted as a descriptive writing activity if you used text-based descriptions instead of audio descriptions.

My Beast:



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