EdTech 521: Netiquette Group Project & Rules

This week we worked in small groups of 3.

For this activity you will consider the following questions:

  • Are emoticons and acronyms appropriate for students to use with their teacher in an academic setting?

  • Will you allow invented spellings, or will you expect students to always use correct grammar and punctuation whenever they are communicating in an academic environment?

  • Should the expectations be different for discussion boards, email or chat? In what ways can they differ and to what extent?

Begin the discussion by first answering and explaining each of the questions above by Thursday, June 26th. The goal of this activity is to create consensus regarding the rules for Netiquette in your classrooms and to share your group’s results with the rest of the class as a document. (Feel free to use Google Docs or some other collaborative tool for this.) Your final document should set a clear message for students about what Netiquette is and what is allowed or not allowed when communicating with you and with fellow students via chat or instant messaging, discussion boards, and email. Attach or post a link to your final document to the “Final Netiquette Rules” thread by Sunday, June 29th.

My group began with a Google doc.  We color coded everyone’s response to the 3 questions.  Here is my groups initial work:



After discussing the 3 questions via Google doc and chats we began to collaborate specifically on our Netiquette Rules.  Here is phase 2 of our group work!

Finally, our group collaborated via Google chat to come to a consensus of our Netiquette Rules.  Here is our Final Product:

Here is our discussion:



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