EdTech 521: Synchronous Lesson

Synchronous Lesson

Provide evidence of conducting a live facilitated meeting with a student, a parent, a classmate, or peer in the form of a link to an archived recording of the meeting. The maximum length that I will watch of the meeting will be 10 minutes. Include with your post a statement about the appropriateness of this lesson in a real-time environment and ways in which you might improve the lesson delivery in the future. If you want to share your lesson with the class, please post in the optional Discussion Forum as well. Live Meeting Rubric (100 pts)

Here is my final synchronous lesson. http://youtu.be/7qZsv9JquFc

For this synchronous lesson I used Google Hangouts, Google docs, PowerPoint presentation, and Edmodo Quizzes.

It’s amazing that no matter how many times you practice there are still a lot of technical difficulties.  I’m thrilled that the Edmodo quiz was able to be viewed, the hangout and docs worked well.

I did this lesson with an actual student and you can see he definitely had not done this lesson before.  We worked through all the technical work ahead of time but not the math.

I had some problems with my PowerPoint animations later in the lesson but my backup plan worked well.

I feel like my lesson was definitely appropriate for a real time lesson with a student.  I still need to work on my technical skills such as transitioning from one screen to another.  I think with more practice this lesson would go smoother.  Yet my video definitely demonstrates the issues that can come up working with a real student.  My student had some technical difficulties and some problems with the math.  These things can and do happen in real life situations.

Although my lesson is over 30 minutes long I feel I definitely met all the criteria in the first 10 minutes.  Here is my self evaluation:

Content:  10 pts The lesson is appropriate for real-time synchronous delivery.  The title, staff info, objectives and introduction are all visible.  Associated assignments and links can be found in Edmodo and on the shared Google doc which are visible in the first 10 minutes.

Learning Styles: 10 pts Multiple learning styles represented, including visual and audio components.  In addition, there are supportive links (my Logs and Exponent Lesson) which are referred to on the Google doc to provide additional support.  This would be perfect for anyone with a learning disability.

Creativity:  20pts  I believe that my lesson is very dynamic and interactive.  At the 5:10 mark you can see myself and my student working together on the Google doc.  The lesson contains multiple PowerPoint presentations which have animation.  These are repeated throughout the lesson.

Facilitation Skills:  40pts I was definitely knowledgeable about the tools available and used them effectively to engage my student.  Although it was not as smooth in parts as I always wanted, I feel I was very effective here.

Assessment:  20 pts My lesson had multiple formative and evaluative assessments.  You are able to see the question/answer interactive assessment at the 5:10 mark, then at the 7 minute mark you can see the quiz on Edmodo.  These type of assessments are repeated multiple times throughout the lesson.

After the first 10 minutes you see the same pattern repeated.  I walk though the PowerPoint slides with the student, carefully explaining each step.  We then go back to the Google doc to work together interactively.  After I am confident that the student has gained the appropriate skills I then use Edmodo to quiz the student.  The lesson is highly dynamic and interactive.


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