EdTech 523: Lead a Discussion

One week prior to your assigned time, coordinate with your teammate (if applicable) on a topic and how you will approach the task. Your choice of topic should ideally be related to the topic of week. (This may not always be possible if I don’t have the lessons posted far enough in advance – so this will be somewhat flexible depending on the circumstances.) Please submit your idea for a discussion to me at least one week prior to your assigned week. When it is your turn to lead a discussion, open a thread in the MAIN discussion forum. You may post to the News Forum as well to let your classmates know that your discussion is open. When you post to the News Forum, an email is automatically sent to all participants in the course. Please make your subject line descriptive (i.e. Module 3: The Influence of Learning Management Systems in Learning Environments).

Keep in mind that you will take on the role of instructor for this activity. I realize as a student in this course, you will want to show me all that you know, but the point of this activity is to allow your “students” (classmates) to show what they know. Your role is to guide your students to deeper levels of learning, NOT the expression of your personal knowledge or vision. As you do this, it will be beneficial to all of us if you describe the strategy you are employing.

Here was our discussion prompt:


In Chapter 8, Promoting Collaborative Learning, Palloff & Pratt state, “Collaborative effort helps learners achieve a deeper level of knowledge generation while moving from independence to interdependence, thus strengthening the foundation of the online learning community” (p.157).  Collaboration can strengthen the online learning community by allowing us to learn from one another. This will be more of a sharing discussion to learn about some of the tools others have used in implementing collaborative activities.


Please post your initial response by Saturday, February 21 and respond to at least two other classmates by Tuesday, February 24.  Please make sure everyone’s post has a response. Make sure to post your tool to the  Online and Blended Teachers Diigo group.


Collaboration in online environments can be challenging. Share some ideas for online collaboration and include at least one tool that might facilitate the process. In your post, discuss potential pitfalls in implementing collaborative activities using Web-based tools.   

Palloff, R., & Pratt, K. (2007). Building online learning communities: Effective strategies for the virtual classroom (2nd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.


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