EdTech 541 Network Tutorial

Networking Tutorial Lesson Plan

EdTech 541

Kim Hefty

Computer Navigation: Networks and Operations

Introduction:  This lesson is designed to instruct students taking an online mathematics course about the functions of their computers.  When working with students that are taking online courses, it is helpful for them to have a working knowledge of or familiarity with computer networks and operating systems.  This tutorial is designed to cover the following topics:

  1. Computer Basics
  2. Operating Systems
  3. Network Components
  4. Trouble Shooting/Common Issues

Study Guide

Content Area/Grade Level of Students:  Online high school mathematics students.

Objectives:  The students will be able to understand the basic navigation of a computer, the importance and role of an operating system, the components of both a wireless and wired network, and how to resolve or research solutions to common technical issues.

Standards Addressed:

Washington State K-12 Essential Academic Learning Requirements & Grade Level Expectations for Educational Technology

  1. GLE 1.3.1
Identify and define authentic problems and significant questions for investigation and plan strategies to guide inquiry.
  1. GLE 2.2.1
Develop skills to use technology effectively.
  1. GLE 2.2.2
Use a variety of hardware to support learning.
  1. GLE 2.4.1
Formulate and synthesize new knowledge.

Relative Advantage:  The relative advantage of this instruction would allow students to better use the technology available to them.

Timeline:  This is designed as a one hour tutorial to be completed prior to starting an online course.

Materials:  Students will be provided a laptop to use.  Students will be directed to my Weebly site to view the PowerPoint presentation and will be provided physical handouts.

Grouping Strategy:  Students will work independently on their own laptops with direct guidance from the instructor.

Learning Activities:  Students will be provided a study guide to complete as they work through the presentation.   Students will be given multiple opportunities for discussion and to ask questions.

Adaptations for Students with Special Needs:  Students may be provided additional time to complete the study guide, if necessary.  One on one presentation of the material will be offered.

Assessment:  Students will complete and turn in the study guide.  They will also receive participation points for guided discussions.

Networking Project Standards Addressed:


Candidates demonstrate knowledge, skills, and dispositions to plan, organize, coordinate, and supervise instructional technology by applying principles of project, resource, delivery system, and information management.

4.2 Resource Management
Resource management involves planning, monitoring, and controlling resource support systems and services.

4.4 Information Management
Information management involves planning, monitoring, and controlling the storage, transfer, or processing of information in order to provide resources for learning.


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