Ed Tech 501: School Evaluation Summary

EdTech 501: School Evaluation Summary

In the school evaluation summary, I have created an overview of the technology at my local high school. Since I am not currently employed by a school I interviewed a local teacher and one technology specialist from the district and a district representative. My evaluation considered aspects of technology that are used in both the high school and district setting. I feel that “Plateau Prep” is predominately at the Integrated Systems Stage. But there is still a lot that can be done to improve their understanding and use of technology. Plateau Prep and Samma District are on the right track, but they have areas where they can grow and develop into the Intelligent Systems Stage.

School/District Pseudonym: Plateau Prep High School and Samma School District

Demographics: The school currently has an enrollment of 1,889 students with 58 faculty members. Prep ranks #700 nationally. It is located in a highly affluent area and is 74% Caucasian. 94% of it’s students meet or exceed state test scores.

Name/Group: Kim Hefty, Iota Group


Evaluation of Maturity Model Benchmarks


Administrative Filter:


  • Policy-Behavioral: Integrated
  • Policy-Resource/Infrastructure: Integrated


At Prep the appropriate technology use policy is formalized and fully supported at all levels. There is a comprehensive policy regarding student computer usage in place and that has been approved and is supported by the administration and district. The agreement clearly outlines what is expected and what is considered appropriate internet/computer use. The policy also clearly outlines consequences for failure to follow the outlined expectations.


  • Planning-Behavioral: Integrated
  • Planning-Resource/Infrastructure: Integrated


School-wide comprehensive planning exists, and it is mostly connected to other planning efforts. Formal planning takes place, and is embrace by almost every department at Prep. However, there are some programs that keep it from meeting the Intelligent level.


  • Budget-Behavioral : Integrated
  • Resources/Infrastructure: Integrated


The technology budgeting process is a high priority; there are multiple budgets considered, but long-term budgeting is needs some improving. A specific technology budget is provided in addition to line items in other budgets. However, due to current district and state budget crisis some items have been put on hold.


  • Administrative Information-Behavioral: Intelligent
  • Resources/Infrastructure: Intelligent


This is one of the shining areas for Prep, there is regular and daily use of electronic systems to support activities; paper systems are virtually replaced. Administrative systems are available to all administrators and staff.




  • Electronic Information-Behavioral: Integrated
  • Resources/Infrastructure: Integrated

Prep is close to achieving Intelligent level in this area. The students and staff are very dependent upon information resources and use them regularly. Resources are practically comprehensive providing depth and diversity. Most students have regular access. This again seems to be subject level dependent. All English courses utilize multiple forms of technology. Most math courses have a classroom web.


  • Assessment-Behavioral : Islands
  • Resources/Infrastructure: Islands

This is an area noted for needing significant improvement and varying dramatically by subject area. Technology is used by many of the staff in the English and Humanities departments for the evaluation of work and self-assessment. For other departments, the only technology used for assessment is for the end of year finals or some state exams. All grade reporting is done on the computer. For most programs the focus is on traditional assessment measures.


  • Curriculum Integration-Behavioral: Islands
  • Resources/Infrastructure: Integrated

There is a lot of variation among departments so I felt I had to put the behavior as Island level. The curriculum is somewhat dependent on technology and used in multiple ways. However, the infrastructure for technology and it’s related resources are available and utilized by most teachers for primarily for planning so I felt this was at the Integrated level.


  • Teacher Use-Behavioral: Intelligent
  • Resources/Infrastructure: Intelligent

At Prep a teacher’s work is not possible without technology. Teacher usage and infrastructure are definitely both at the Intelligent level. All teachers have access to a computer for attendance, grading, email communications, and planning purposes. All teachers utilize technology daily. All teachers have access to appropriate technology in their work area and/or office.


  • Student Use- Behavioral : Integrated
  • Resources/Infrastructure : Integrated


At Prep students use technology frequently and comprehensively, but not for all courses. Some but not all outcomes are not dependent on the use of technology. For example, all English students must have access to technology for research and they must submit all of their work at “turn it in.com.” Nearly every student has consistent and regular access to appropriate technology. But it is not necessary for every course.




  • Stakeholder Involvement-Behavioral: Islands
  • Resources/Infrastructure : Islands


This is an area needing improvement. Many of the stakeholder groups are aware of the planning and implementation procedures for technology but few are actually engaged in the process. Typically the lack of involvement is not from lack of interest, rather from lack of time. Most groups are represented in the planning process. Typically one person will represent each stakeholder at regular district meetings.


  • Administrative Support- Behavioral: Integrated
  • Resources/Infrastructure : Integrated


There are regular and on-going discussions with the administration at Prep. There is also some formal administration time and support dedicated to the planning and implementation process



  • Training- Behavioral : Integrated
  • Resources/Infrastructure : Integrated


At Prep most staff members participate in technology training activities, primarily because they are required to. There is regular teacher training provided by both Prep and the district resources. The district also provides access to technology specialists.


  • Technical & Infrastructure Support- Behavioral : Islands
  • Resources/Infrastructure : Integrated


Most of the staff at Prep utilizes formal and informal support on a regular basis. Formal technical assistance is provided through staff release time, hired help, and/or formal district support. Every Wednesday morning throughout the year is “late start” for students. Teachers and staff are able to collaborate during this time and many use this time to receive assistance.





  • Local Area Networking-Behavioral : Integrated
  • Resources/Infrastructure : Integrated

The staff at Prep has a lot of technology at their fingertips but the usage is primarily limited to data. The consensus is that the data is extensive and sophisticated. Staff and students regularly use the available networks (again predominantly inhumanities courses).   High-speed networking with access to all working environments is available to everyone.


  • District Area Networking- Behavioral : Integrated
  • Resources/Infrastructure : Integrated


The staff networking usage at Plateau Prep is not exclusively limited to data, it is extensive and sophisticated. The district has an area networking infrastructure with dedicated, high-speed lines and several data services are available Staff uses district services often.


  • Internet Access- Behavioral : Integrated
  • Resources/Infrastructure : Integrated


At Plateau Prep most staff and students use the internet regularly and it’s usage is integrated into many (but not all) of the school’s curriculums. There is direct Internet access to available at all locations.


  • Communication Systems-Behavioral : Islands
  • Resources/Infrastructure : Integrated


At Prep e-mail is used often, but primarily for administrative reasons (and mostly to parents not students). Teachers at Prep primarily utilize emails over breaks and sometimes to clarify information posted on classroom webs. E-mail is utilized by all teachers and staff and administration for communication purposes. E-mail accounts are not provided to students.





  • New Technologies-Behavioral : Integrated
  • Resources/Infrastructure : Integrated


New technologies are readily accepted by most staff members. The staff at Prep often attends conferences regularly. Many staff members write grants to access technology when funds are limited. New technologies are readily accepted by the staff with moderate implementation.  The staff at Prep, in general, are eager to acquire new technology; however, other commitments and responsibilities often make immediate implementation difficult.



  • Comprehensive Technologies-Behavioral : Islands
  • Resources/Infrastructure : Islands


At Prep technology becoming more comprehensive including, A/V, digitizing and scanning. But again it seems to be limited by discipline. Only certain classes regularly utilize these technologies. The available technology utilization is predominately limited to one or two types of technology for most staff and students. It is slowly expanding into other curriculums as teachers learn new ways to incorporate a new variety of technologies into their lessons.



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